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DEVI has developed a wide range of devireg electronic thermostats to control the range of DEVI heating systems. Electronic thermostats regulate the temperature quickly and precisely and by choosing the optimal thermostat both comfort and financial benefits may be achieved.

The latest DEVIreg Smart thermostat is the smartest, coolest-looking controller on the market. It ensures perfect comfort, exactly when its needed. It helps save energy and reduces heating costs, and its all controlled from your phone. It also comes with a unique 5 year warranty.

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DEVIreg Opti

DEVIreg Touch

The DEVIreg Touch is an intuitive programmable timer thermostat used for controlling electrical floor heating elements. The thermostat is designed for fixed installation only and due to the special designed 2-part construction it fits a wide range of frames and sensors. The DEVIreg Touch is fast and intuitive to setup using the built-in wizard. It has an energy-saving programme – including an optimum start/end control ensuring the desired temperature at the correct time and thereby reducing the heating costs.

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DEVIreg Smart

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