In Screed Heating

In screed heating consists of heating cables fixed on top of the floor structure using a light steel mesh or fixing strips. The cables are embedded in a sand/cement bed which then becomes heated and warms the floor covering.

In screed heating is considered to be a 'direct' acting system although it does have some storage. This system is the best option for rooms that have some flexibility in the height of the floor. Typically embedded in 20-30 mm of screed, usually at the time of construction, these systems can raise the floor of an existing room by 30 mm in addition to the floor tile.

The benefit to this system lies in its ability to hold the heat for a much longer period of time when compared with an adhesive system. Generally speaking, these systems take up to 1.5 hrs. to heat up and will give off heat for the same period of time once the system has been turned off.

This system works well for areas that are irregularly shaped and installation is recommended by a trained professional.

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