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At Heat Zone we specialize in the latest under floor heating technology.

Heat Zone installs DEVI products, Australia's leading brand in high quality floor heating systems.

DEVI systems are ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. These include the building or renovation of houses, schools, care centres, restaurants, ski lodges, freezers, cold stores, workshops and factories as well as a number of agricultural applications and the de-icing of outdoor areas.

With over 15 years experience in the floor heating field, we pride ourselves in nothing but the best in quality work and great customer satisfaction.

We have some new and exciting ideas, and are always on the hunt for anything new and improved to offer our clients. Heat Zone is an extremely dedicated business, we approach every job nothing short of committed to bring the client 100% satisfaction.

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Floor heating can be installed into new slabs or on top of existing floors. You don’t lose any valuable floor or wall space and there are no grills, vents or consoles to spoil your decor. Having underfloor heating means any room can be designed with elegant simplicity
heat zone in slab heating

In Slab Heating

Great clean way to heat your home. The concrete slab acts like a heat bank when
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heat zone in screed heating

In Screed Heating

Quicker response time to slab heating because it is closer to surface
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heat zone under tile heating

Under tile heating

Thin, fast heat up times and very effective. A great addition to any home renovation.
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heat zone heated mirrors

Heated Mirrors

Eliminates mirrors from fogging, steaming up and smearing. Installation is simple and fast.
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heat zone f board insulation

F Board Insulation

A great addition to the devi mat or any suspended floor. F board is installed under the floor to help retain the heat given from the devi heaters and reduces heat loss.
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1Can it be laid over existing flooring?
Yes it can. Different types of flooring i.e. timber floors may require some preparation before install. Please call for more information
2Can it be wired into existing power?
Yes it can be wired into your existing power. Depending on the size of the project may determine otherwise. Please call for any queries.
3Do we require any change in floor height?
No. Devi floor heating mats are very thin, only 2.5mm-3.5mm taking up minimal space. Only when screed cables are installed do floor heights need to be considered to make sure there is an allowance for the minimum screed cover to properly cover the heating cables.
4Does the system need upgrading in the future?
No. This system is virtually maintenance free and has no moving parts. It is also covered by an extensive DEVI warranty

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